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Welcome to IWantToGetPregnant.net. This website is set up with the aim of sharing educational information and useful resources with women who want to get pregnant naturally.

If you just decided to have a baby and started to try to conceive, you’ll find here information about how to get pregnant quickly, when is the best time to get pregnant, and how to increase your chances of getting pregnant, etc.

If you are one of the millions of frustrating women out there, who want to get pregnant but find it difficult to conceive, this is also the place for you because the following topics will be touched on:

* What is infertility? Are there any warning signs of infertility?

* What causes infertility in women and infertility in men?

* Are there any symptoms or signs for infertility?

*  What are the currently available medical treatments for infertility?

*  What can you do to reverse infertility, without medical treatment?

*  What types of nutrients may help to boost your or your partner’s fertility?

*  And much, much more.

pregnantcoupleAll this while you thought that getting pregnant is the most natural thing to happen after you got married, or when you decided you want to get pregnant, right? However, this may not be the case for you as well as millions of women out there.

For some women, the path to pregnancy is not an easy road to travel. There are many possible obstacles along the way. And the more you try to get pregnant, the more difficult it seems. The odds of getting pregnant dwindles as your age increases. Of course, the problem does not always lie in the woman; it may be due to the guy as well.

If you or your partner is experiencing fertility problem, there is still hope. Thanks to advanced medical technology, there are now high-tech treatments or procedures to help infertile couples fulfill their dream, by giving them the ability to have children that they couldn’t conceive on their own.

However, medical infertility treatments are expensive and often unnecessary. If there is an underlying medical condition, then medical intervention is required to address the problem before conception is possible. Otherwise, it is only fair that a couple is given the chance to first maximize their fertility and then, only if that fails, consider assisted reproductive technology (ART) methods.

So, for any woman who wants to get pregnant, first take control of your own fertility by finding out if there is any barrier standing between you and getting pregnant. Next, learn how those barriers can be removed or how to boost your fertility to increase your chances of getting pregnant naturally.

Even if you choose to go for ART methods (such as IVF) because of age factor (as they said ‘your biological clock is ticking!’), you’ll need to get your body to the optimal condition, in order to go through the process and accept the implantation of an embryo. How to prime your body for that process? This will also be covered in this website.

So, I hope that you’ll learn a lot and gain benefit from this website. Hopefully, not so long in the future, you’ll no longer be crying “I want to get pregnant”, but you will be on your way to becoming a happy, beautiful mom!


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